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Freedom on FIRE

Immersive Small Group Coaching Program with weekly One on One Coaching sessions  - 

the shortest path to Financial Freedom...

Can you really afford to make mistakes or be stuck in Overwhelm?



  •  The #1 reason most professionals don't start or scale their portfolios even when they have the "know-how" is ANALYSIS PARALYSIS  - because of all the limiting beliefs, FEAR and doubts that stop you from pulling the trigger. In my One on One COACHING sessions, I get to the root of what is actually stopping you from creating the life of your dreams - and help you get out of your own way with actionable steps! 

  • Your finances are PERSONAL and your goals unique.  In our ONE on ONE SESSIONS, we will create a PERSONALIZED ROADMAP so you can SCALE EFFICIENTLY OPTIMIZING RESOURCES available to you.
  • When you invest in real estate, offers are TIME SENSITIVE and you can't afford to make EXPENSIVE MISTAKES. I HOLD YOUR HAND through this daunting process and RUN NUMBERS with you PRIVATELY so you can CONFIDENTLY take the next step. 
  • I have had many physicians who have completed OTHER REAL ESTATE COURSES and were stuck in OVERWHELM reach out to me for ONE ON ONE COACHING - to help give them CLARITY and FOOL PROOF their STRATEGY. I want to help you take the shortest path to FREEDOM.  

In addition to the Weekly One on One Coaching, you will have access to:

8- educational modules with LIFETIME access to upgraded course content

* Live Weekly Q&A sessions every Sunday at 2 pm PST 

* Exclusive Members Only Facebook Community

*Lifetime Access to our team of vetted investor agents & Vendors.

I'm honored to be with you on this journey. Best wishes!

" Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing." Warren Buffet


WEEK 1: WHY invest in real estate? Understanding  returns and mastering the mindset of a successful Real Estate Investor

WEEK 2: YOUR FOUNDATION: your market, Strategy and  rock star Team

WEEK 3: Become an expert at Running numbers

WEEK 4:  Creative Financing and how to be responsibly Leveraged

WEEK 5: TAXES and how to make the IRS your friend

WEEK 6Get your BOOKS in order - ACCOUNTING

WEEK 7: ASSET PROTECTION: Protect yourself

WEEK 8: Accelerating wealth building with SHORT TERM RENTALS and REHABS


[Disclaimer: GenerationalwealthMD is not in the business of providing personal, financial, tax, legal or investment advice. ]