RAISE YOUR HAND if you can relate to any of the following :

  • You worked really hard to get to where you are, yet you don't have control over your job
  • You would love to cut back on work to be more present for your family, but don't think it's financially possible
  • Or worse yet, you don't see yourself able to cut back on work anytime soon because you need to work a decade or more to hit your retirement savings number
  • Job and life transitions with the pandemic just shone a light on how precarious your financial health really is
If this sounds like you, I HEAR YOU! After enduring similar anxiety provoking transitions in my life and career, I decided there had to be a faster way to Financial Independence that was passive enough to fit my busy lifestyle. And I was able to get there within a few years once I made intentional changes.
I want to help you do the same...

Register to watch a REPLAY of my recent MASTERCLASS on how to hit your FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE goals 3 X FASTER by spending a few hours on your Real Estate portfolio a month.  If you think you don't have the TIME, MONEY OR KNOWLEDGE to get started - you need to hear this!!

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For those of you who don't know me - I'm Param Baladandapani, Radiologist, Mom, Real Estate Investor and Mentor. This year I hit my Financial Independence goals by scaling my Real Estate Portfolio. I am on a mission to help others do the same!

Watch the REPLAY of my last MASTERCLASS where  I talk  about :

  • How I hit my FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE numbers through investing in Cash Flowing Long Term and Short Term rentals while working FULL TIME and raising two kids under 6; and how YOU CAN DO IT TOO…
  • BUSTING MYTHS about Real Estate Investing that keep you on the hamster wheel much longer than you need to be…

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