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I’m proof that the only thing holding us back from building wealth and becoming financially independent is knowledge and the right mindset.

Hi! I'm Param Baladandapani. I'm a radiologist,  full time mom, real estate investor and mentor. This year, through passive income from my rental portfolio I was able to hit my FIRE goals (Financial Independence, Retire Early).

When I started out as an attending radiologist 10 years ago, I was very lucky to find a mentor in my dear colleague;  I taught him to interpret Magnetic Resonance Imaging and he taught me how to navigate the stock market and how to invest in real estate.

And yet, I made so many mistakes. I did not understand how incorrect asset weighting and not setting aggressive goals for my real estate journey were going to set me back years in my FIRE journey.  In hindsight, 2012 was the perfect time to have invested in rental real estate. My net worth would have been at least a few million dollars more today if I had had the mindset and thorough understanding of  market dynamics and actual real estate returns (not just cash flow) that I now have. But I do believe that the seeds that were planted in those years have borne fruit.

I learned how the tax code rewards real estate investors, learned strategies to scale my portfolio rapidly and built systems for efficiency. Today, not only am I  heavily invested in the stock market, I also own rental real estate in two different domestic markets, actively looking to expand into a third market. I have also acquired a couple of international assets.

My limiting beliefs, lack of knowledge and systems set me behind by a more than a few years. Sadly, I saw close friends making the same costly mistakes. The opportunity costs were both explicit (wealth) and implicit (time) and I'm sure you agree, best avoided.

This led me down the path of mentoring other high income Professionals in achieving Financial Freedom through investing in rental real estate. As the community grew, I realized that true Transformation required more structured information transfer. It was the only way to help others avoid the costly mistakes, procrastination and delays my journey was riddled with. My signature 8 week course-  Creating Generational Freedom through real estate investing was born.

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Together, let's plan for the future and steer our financial destiny so that we have the freedom and time to focus on the things that really matter!


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