Effective date: February 15, 2021

GenerationalwealthMD LLC (hereafter referred to as GenerationalwealthMD) and its owners’, presenters’, and employees are not in the business of providing personal, financial, tax, legal or investment advice and specifically disclaim any liability, loss or risk, which is incurred as a consequence, either directly or indirectly, by the use of any of the information contained in this document, any websites, courses, consulations and communities of GenerationalwealthMD. GenerationalwealthMD, this document, and any online tools, consultations, courses, websites, online communities of GenerationalwealthMD, do NOT provide ANY legal, accounting, securities, investment, tax or other professional services advice and are not intended to be a substitute for meeting with professional advisors. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of competent, licensed and certified professionals should be sought. In addition, GenerationalwealthMD does not endorse ANY specific investments, investment strategies, advisors, or financial service firms.



The contents of this and other websites created by GenerationalwealthMD LLC, courses and consultations provided by GenerationalwealthMD LLC and online communities created by GenerationalwealthMD are for informational and educational purposes only. They should not be considered investment, financial, legal or tax advice. GenerationalwealthMD is not licensed in the insurance or securities industries and is not in the business of selling, soliciting or negotiating the sale of any insurance contract, security or other investment vehicle. GenerationalwealthMD does not recommend the purchase of any particular security, insurance contract, alternative investment, real estate or other investment vehicle, and nothing in this  video, podcast, publication or any other product or service provided by GenerationalwealthMD shall be deemed to constitute the solicitation, recommendation, endorsement or offer of any such item in this or in in any other jurisdiction in which such recommendation, solicitation or offer would be unlawful under the securities or insurance laws of such jurisdiction. GenerationalwealthMD does not opine on the likely return of any investment vehicle, on the comparative advantages of one investment vehicle over another, nor on the tax treatment or legal protections afforded to any investment vehicle.


Before making any investment or other significant financial decision, viewers, readers and members should consult with qualified and licensed professionals, who will assess the appropriateness of the decision in light of each individual’s specific goals, experiences and financial status. Viewers should also conduct their own research and due diligence prior to any investment or other significant financial decision.


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