"Param's class was just what my husband and I needed to move ahead with our first investment property. From the first class, we were able to gain an understanding of how to approach real estate, how to analyze deals and how to use tax strategies effectively. We put an offer in during Week 4 of the class and were able to close on a Single Family Home quickly, despite being in a competitive real estate market. With our first property under our belt, we're ready to grow our real estate portfolio." Colleen C, MD Anesthesiology


" I loved the small group size and personal connection with Param. She really cares about your progress and is very good with personalizing your strategy. She holds your hand and leads you to the next step. I highly recommend her course for anyone interested in Long Term or Short Term rentals. " Sujin Lee, MD, PMR Spinal cord injury medicine


 "It has been a delight to be a part of your course. I was starting out on my first Short Term Rental when I joined for insights on out-of-state investing.  I was blown away by how the program covers every aspect of being a successful real estate investor. Your enthusiasm is contagious 😊" AV

"Hi Param, you are a god send. I recently got divorced and plan on investing what little money I have wisely for my retirement and for my kids education. I will be following your path to help me in my journey. Stock trading is not my cup of tea as it steals my time, thank you for showing me that smart investing can be passive - I would rather spend my time with my kids." SG, Single mom

" Param's course is  clear, succinct and a great primer for a person like me who only had one rental going into the course.
I consider this course an essential for anyone venturing into real estate investment if they want to grow rapidly.
Thanks Param." Dr Mahendran J, Gastroenterologist

"We already had a Rental when we joined the 8-week course, it was eye-opening for us to learn multiple strategies to scale our portfolios. On top of some great course content,  the Q&A and mentoring had a great impact. Would highly recommend your course to anyone interested, even if they already have a handful or rentals. Thank you Param for being such a wonderful mentor." S and A Zalani

" You are such an inspiration 💚💚 Param! Love your energy, confidence, passion and infectious enthusiasm.
Your course boosted my confidence to own RE through actionable steps and real life examples!!
You have made it easy to focus on what’s relevant and important! So happy to find a solid sounding board in you. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this course to anyone looking to start in Real Estate Investing" HB and SS

 "The course really helped us shift our mindset about money and investing.  I highly recommend taking the course with your spouse; it helped us take informed decisions as a team." Rimli S, Mom, Enterpreneur

"Thank you Param for your guidance and support, within months, I am purchasing my second rental.  The road to financial independence was fuzzy and unclear before, but the course provided me with a road map that I can follow with confidence.... I know I can hit my financial Independence goals much sooner and I hope to pass on a strong diversified portfolio to my children and teach them the skills that I am learning now from my mentor - Param!" Dr Shobana S, Pediatrician

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 "The course really helped us shift our mindset about  investing. It was meticulously structured to assist those with with varying levels of expertise in real estate investing. I highly recommend taking the course with your spouse; it helped us take informed decisions as a team." Rimli S, Mom, Entrepreneur