How I was able to retire from medicine at 41

by investing in real estate

without creating another job for myself


2 Day Webinar

The 3 STEP FRAMEWORK that I used to triple my passive income in under a year

while saving multiple six figures in taxes


Param Baladandapani MD

Mom, Radiologist

Founder and CEO GenerationalwealthMD


  • HOW you can start  investing in real estate NOW 
  • How you can do this even if you think you DON'T HAVE  the TIME OR MONEY
  • How to mitigate RISK in real estate investing
  • How other busy professionals are using the same framework successfully to invest in LONG TERM & SHORT TERM RENTALS

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"We put an offer in during Week 4 of Param's program and were able to close on a Single Family Home quickly, despite being in a competitive real estate market. " Colleen Ceremuga, MD Anesthesiology

" Param is great with personalizing your strategy. She really cares about your progress and holds your hand and leads you to the next step." Sujin Lee, MD, PMR Spinal cord injury medicine

 "The program really helped us shift our mindset about  investing. It is meticulously structured to assist those with with varying levels of expertise in real estate investing. I highly recommend attending with your spouse; it helped us take informed decisions as a team." Rimli S, Mom, Entrepreneur