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You will learn the ONE FORMULA that helped me PIVOT, HIT FINANCIAL FREEDOM and quit my full time job in less than 12 months. 

Param Baladandapani MD

Mom, Radiologist

Founder and CEO GenerationalwealthMD

If you have ever felt

  • Paralyzed because you don’t know WHETHER YOU ARE INVESTING RIGHT
  • Confused because you don’t know if you are SAVING ENOUGH FOR RETIREMENT
  • It would be better if someone else managed your money - because this seems so HARD

this workshop is for you...

At the end of this workshop you will leave with

  • CLARITY about how your portfolio is currently working for you
  • 3 STEPS you can take right away to supercharge returns in the next 90 days

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 " You are such an inspiration 💚💚 Param! Love your energy, confidence, passion and infectious enthusiasm.
You have made it easy to focus on what’s relevant and important! So happy to find a solid sounding board in you. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this workshop" HB and SS

 "The road to financial independence was fuzzy and unclear before, but the material provided me with a road map that I can follow with confidence.... I know I can hit my financial Independence goals much sooner and I hope to pass on a strong diversified portfolio to my children and teach them the skills that I am learning now from my mentor - Param!"  Dr Shobana S, Pediatrician

 "The material really helped us shift our mindset about  investing. I highly recommend attending with your spouse; it helped us take informed decisions as a team." Rimli S, Mom, Entrepreneur