Creating Generational Freedom: Get to FINANCIAL FREEDOM 3 X TIMES FASTER - even if you think you don't have the time or money


 Hi! I'm Param Baladandapani - Full time Physician, Mom, Real estate Investor, Personal Finance blogger and Mentor. Like many High Income Professionals, I was trapped by Golden Handcuffs for the first 10 years I practiced medicine. I was financially tethered to jobs that I had little control over. 2019 was a hard year for my family as mergers and contract changes at work forced me to transition to a different employer. Just as we were getting back on our feet, the pandemic hit. It made me pause and seriously examine the concept of Financial Freedom - in spite of investing in the stock market for close to 10 years and investing in real estate for 6 years I was no where close to being financially FREE.

I poured time and money into educating myself. I had personal coaches who helped me get out of my own way. I created teams and systems to scale efficiently.

This year, I hit my Financial Independence goals by investing in cash flowing Rental Real estate- while working a full time job and raising two little kids.

One of my biggest regrets is not having known 10 years ago what I know now - I would have hit those goals at least 5 years earlier and saved myself and my family a lot of anxiety during difficult career and life transitions... Which is why I created this 8 week comprehensive course to help other Busy Professionals get off the hamster wheel.


  • Those who have worked so hard to get to where they are professionally and yet feel trapped - in a job they don't have control over. The pandemic just shone a light on how vulnerable our clinical (professional) income is to outside forces.
  • Those who want to take action TODAY and STOP trading their TIME FOR MONEY: Once you go through this course, you will have an understanding of how to seize opportunities available to you TODAY to help generate passive income through scaling your real estate portfolio in the next year.
  • Busy professionals : Having a condensed course packed with information means that you don't have to spend hours reading or years making mistakes to learn from them. Instead you will be putting your time to good use working on your next deal. And creating systems for efficiency that aren't a drain on your time...
  • Those who want to  free themselves financially but don't have a strategy or are stuck in Analysis Paralysis: Through One on One Coaching sessions - I help you personalize your plan based on YOUR goals, resources and risk appetite. I will also assist you with building your team on the ground - from investor agents to lenders, insurance brokers, property managers, Real Estate Attorneys, Tax Consultants and Cost segregation firms as well as the right software to make things more manageable, this course will teach you how to screen and vet these important players in your team. You can also tap into our extensive network of investor agents and professionals in strong markets throughout the country.
  • Those who feel they don't have the right support system: When you join this course, you will be forming life long friendships with like minded physicians and high income professionals on a similar path. You will also have access to our Private Facebook Group for course members.  Collaboration is the name of the game.
  • Those who want to rapidly scale their portfolios using advanced tax strategies and build wealth...
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The next cohort of my signature 8 week comprehensive course in Investing in Cash Flowing rental real estate starts May 3, 2021 and includes:

  • 8 module Course, as detailed below - 365 day access
  • Live weekly Q&A sessions Sunday 2 pm PST - will also be recorded and added to the course site
  • One on One sessions - to help create YOUR PERSONALIZED ROADMAP based on your goals, resources and risk/debt appetite
  • Access to vetted teams of investor agents and property managers in multiple strong markets
  • Lifetime Access to our Exclusive Members only Facebook Community-  ideal for pairing up with accountability partners, overcoming roadblocks, celebrating wins and sharing resources


There is  a 7 day money back guarantee from the day the course starts if the course does not meet your expectations.


I'm honored to be with you on this journey. Best wishes!


" Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing." Warren Buffet


Week 1: WHY invest in real estate? Understanding Rental real estate returns (not just cash flow), setting goals and mastering the mindset of a successful Real Estate Investor

Week 2: How to pick your market, niche, STRATEGY and Build the right Team

Week 3: How to Run numbers for your real estate deals?

Week 4: Financing options - where can you find the money and How Leveraging  can help you

Week 5: Strategies to maximize tax breaks given to real estate investors: understanding the nuances of REPS, cost segregation, bonus depreciation.

Week 6: Maximizing tax deductions, Book keeping eligible expenses, partial asset disposition and  basis tracking, including Software that helps you rent, manage, organize and track your rental real estate operations

Week 7: Asset protection: What is the best way to structure your Entities based on your goals and portfolio?

Week 8: Short Term Rentals and  Rehabbing properties- how they help accelerate wealth building.



[ Disclaimer: GenerationalwealthMD is not in the business of providing personal, financial, tax, legal or investment advice. ]

By the end of this course you will know:

  • How to set and realign YOUR personalized roadmap for investing in real estate
  • How to employ strategies that can help generate Returns on Investment of 25- 50% or more annually
  • How to pick your market, niche and strategy
  • How to run numbers for successful acquisitions
  • How to build your team on the ground
  • How to use creative financing and why leveraging your money is great in the current environment
  • How to structure your entities (asset protection)
  • How to optimize tax savings with rental real estate and use the savings to grow your portfolio
  • How to add Short Term Rentals to your portfolio
  • How to efficiently renovate your rental property
  • How to streamline book keeping and maintaining records
  • And much more...


"Thank you Param for your mentor ship and guidance that sparked my interest in real estate. I have been educating myself to move forward to invest with confidence! I know I can create a solid stream of income and pass it on to our kids / teaching and modeling strong finance management skills alongside. " Dr Gowri M, Internal Medicine

"It has been a delight to be a part of your 8 week course. I was starting out on my first Short Term Rental when I joined the course. I like how the program is structured with important information delivered in each session.  I joined the program for insights on out-of-state investing, but was blown away by how the program covers every aspect of being a successful real estate investor with a focus on successful passive income generation. Your enthusiasm is contagious 😊" AV

"Hi Param, you are a god send. Thank you so much for all that you do to help us out. I recently got divorced and plan on investing what little money I have wisely. I am starting from scratch and need to save for retirement and for my kids education. I will be following your path to help me in my journey. I am so glad I am in your course. Stock trading is not my cup of tea as it steals my time that I would rather spend with my children." SG, Single mom

" Param's course is  clear, succinct and a great primer for a person like me who only had one rental going into the course.
I consider this course an essential for anyone venturing into real estate investment if they want to grow rapidly.
Thanks Param." Dr MJ, Gastroenterologist

"We already had a Rental when we joined the 8-week course, it was eye-opening for us to learn multiple strategies to scale our portfolios. On top of some great course content,  the Q&A and mentoring had a great impact. Would highly recommend your course to anyone interested, even if they already have a handful or rentals. Thank you Param for being such a wonderful mentor." SZ and AZ

" You are such an inspiration 💚💚 Param! Love your energy, confidence, passion and infectious enthusiasm.
Your 8 week course boosted my confidence to own RE through actionable steps and real life examples!!
You have made it easy to focus on what’s relevant and important! So happy to find a solid sounding board in you. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this course to anyone looking to start in Real Estate Investing" HB and SS


 "The course really helped us shift our mindset about money and investing and make better financial decisions. We set goals for our retirement and are steadily working towards them. The course was meticulously structured to go over all necessary steps in the right sequence, assisting those with with varying levels of expertise in real estate investing. I highly recommend taking the course with your spouse; it helped us take informed decisions as a team." Rimli S, Mom, Enterpreneur


"Thank you Param for the guidance and support you have provided which played an enormous role in me kick starting my real estate goals. Within months, I am purchasing my second rental.  The road to financial independence was fuzzy and unclear before, but now the course provides me a road map that I can follow with confidence.... I know I can hit my financial Independence goals much sooner and I hope to pass on a strong diversified portfolio to my children and teach them the skills that I am learning now from my mentor - Param!" Dr Shobana S, Pediatrician

Weekly Live Q&A sessions

including Four One on One strategy sessions.

Register now for course starting May 3, 2021


Key benefits of  this course

  • No more lost opportunities: Once you understand the impact of real estate investing in Building Wealth and Financial Freedom, you will not let another opportunity pass you by.
  • Time factor: Don't spend 7 years learning how to scale your portfolio like I did. Do it within the next year or two - learning how to leverage your money, understanding ACTUAL RETURNS from real estate investing and learning to LEGALLY REDUCE YOUR TAX BILL as a Real Estate Investor will help you grow your portfolio quicker - getting you to Financial Freedom that much faster.
  • Help building your team - from investor agents to lenders, insurance brokers, property managers, Real estate Attorneys, Real estate focused CPAs and Cost segregation firms as well as the right software to make things more manageable, let me help you navigate the waters.
  • And last but not least you will be forming life long friendships with like minded Physicians and High Income Professionals. Collaboration is the name of the game.

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