Creating Generational Freedom

through a real estate portfolio that's right for YOU


 For the Busy Professional who wants to get off the Hamster Wheel in Days not Decades


do more of what matters most and Live life on YOUR Terms

Next Cohort starts September 2022

I'm Ready to Invest in myself and Transform my Life!

Are you burnt out, frustrated with the lack of autonomy... 

and lack of stability in your job, yet tethered to it because you need the money and think you are supposed to be:

✖️Working harder (CONSTANTLY TRADING YOUR TIME FOR MONEY), Saving more, Living frugally

✖️Investing in stocks and retirement funds

✖️So you can hopefully retire by 65 after working yourself to the bone for decades?


Did you know that others just like you have been taking a path to Financial Freedom that is 10 x faster so that they can


✔️ practice medicine on their terms, making more time for family

✔️ all while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes


And YES, this works for YOU:

  • even if you think you don't have the TIME or MONEY
  • even if you are RISK averse
  • even if you are just starting out and don't know anything about investing in real estate...

because members in our program who are just like you and were starting from scratch have within a year

  • generated multiple 6 figures in income (through a combination of cash flow and appreciation)
  • sheltered hundreds of thousands of dollars of income from taxes legally
  • are on their way to creating Generational Wealth and Freedom and living the life of their dreams...

In fact, Real estate Investing Done Right works especially for those of you who don't have the TIME or MONEY - can you imagine how much longer you would have to keep trading your Time for Money to get to Financial Freedom and finally buy back your time if you stuck to the traditional retirement model?


Can you really afford to:

  • Work and live life WITHOUT FULL AUTONOMY much longer?
  • Spend years learning from your costly mistakes? Because the wrong strategy and the wrong property can end up sucking your time and money
  • Re-invent the wheel? Your time is better spent with your family, doing the things you love.


The first thing that FINANCIAL FREEDOM gives you back is AUTONOMY - the Choice to say YES to what matters most... One of my biggest regrets is not knowing 10 years ago what I know now. The opportunity cost was millions of dollars but more importantly it left me TRADING TIME FOR DOLLARS for a decade longer than I needed to ...

There is no reason you should go through the pain of figuring this out yourself over years, educating yourself, forming new teams and learning to build efficient systems from the ground up when you can tap into my expertise and my NETWORK of VETTED TEAMS so you aren't wasting YOUR time and money.




  • through an Immersive SMALL GROUP & ONE ON ONE PROGRAM  that helps you master a proven, step-by-step process for investing successfully in SHORT TERM AND LONG TERM RENTALS
  • so you can build a customized portfolio that is aligned with your goals and resources (let's face it- ONE SIZE DOESN'T FIT ALL)
  • while having access to ROCK STAR TEAMS in strong markets so you are NOT CREATING ANOTHER JOB for yourself
  • with support from national EXPERT Real Estate focused Tax consultants, attorneys, Cost segregators and more...


In 8 weeks you will be able to confidently:

  • figure out the real estate investing strategy that is best aligned with your goals and resources
  • pick the right financing strategy and leverage responsibly for maximum returns
  • run numbers for long term and short term rentals and evaluate overall returns for any deal
  • use multiple strategies for momentum so you can continue to generate high returns and life changing cash flow from your portfolio in any market
  • structure your entities for optimal asset protection
  • maintain records so that you legally pay less in taxes

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Next Cohort starts September 2022!! Get on the wait list to access the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!

REAL ESTATE INVESTING DONE RIGHT - is the fastest way to FINANCIAL FREEDOM and building generational wealth.


Hi! I'm Param Baladandapani


Like many high income professionals, for the first 10 years I practiced medicine, I was trapped by Golden Handcuffs - I was financially tethered to my job. Although I started investing in real estate in late 2013, it was a rough career transition in 2019 that motivated me to turn things around - so that I would never again be in the position where I had no control over my income. I invested in my education, took Tax, Asset Protection and Creative Financing courses, sought Mentors, Personal and Performance coaches - including Brandon Turner, Jason Drees among others and prepared myself for growth.

In the next year while working full time as a sub specialty trained Radiologist and raising two young kids under 6, I grew a multi million dollar portfolio of Long term and Short Term rentals in two domestic markets and invested in multiple development projects abroad that helped me become FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT and quit my full time job at 41 to spend more time with my young kids. In just one year, I was able to strategize and put systems and processes in place to quadruple my assets and more than 10 X  income from my rental portfolio. If I had known 10 years ago what I know today, I could have shaved years off my Journey.

I have since made it my mission to help other high income professionals accelerate towards Financial Freedom by building real estate portfolios that take into account their unique goals and resources. Creating Generational Freedom has helped hundreds of high income professionals and their spouses rapidly scale their passive income through local and Out of State portfolios so they can take back control of their time and live life on their terms. 

Let me help save you 10 years. YOU don't have to figure this out yourself.

" Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing." Warren Buffet.



In 8 weeks You will MASTER:

  • how to analyze deals like a PRO REAL ESTATE INVESTOR
  • OPTIMIZING RETURNS from SHORT TERM and LONG TERM RENTALS so you get to your passive income goals much faster
  • ADVANCED TAX STRATEGIES to slash your tax bill legally
  • Systems and processes for efficiency so you aren't creating another job for yourself - if you are taking the first step or are here to 10 x your portfolio


All while being supported by
  • Weekly Educational Modules (LIFETIME access including access to all updated versions of modules)
  • LIVE weekly group coaching sessions (Lifetime access to recordings)
  • One on One strategy sessions to help create your personalized Roadmap (exclusive to the 1:1 mentorship program)
  • Vetted teams in strong markets around the country - from investor agents to lenders, insurance brokers, property managers, Real Estate Attorneys and Tax Consultants
  • an Exclusive Course Members only Facebook Community
  • Expert Guest speakers - Real estate focused CPAs, attorneys, Cost segregators 


There is a 30 day money back guarantee from the day you start the program if it does not meet your expectations.

I'm honored to be with you on this journey. Best wishes!





  • Your finances are PERSONAL and your goals unique.  In our ONE on ONE SESSIONS, we will create a PERSONALIZED ROADMAP so you can START OR SCALE EFFICIENTLY AND RAPIDLY OPTIMIZING RESOURCES available to you.
  • The #1 reason most professionals don't start or scale their portfolios even when they have the "know-how" is ANALYSIS PARALYSIS  - because of all the limiting beliefs, FEAR and doubts that stop you from pulling the trigger. In my One on One COACHING sessions, I get to the root of what is actually stopping you from creating the life of your dreams - and help you get out of your own way with small actionable steps! SO THE YEARS SAVED ARE LIVED ON YOUR TERMS!  
  • When you invest in real estate, offers are TIME SENSITIVE and you can't afford to make EXPENSIVE MISTAKES. I hold your hand through this daunting process and RUN NUMBERS with you PRIVATELY so you can CONFIDENTLY take the next step. 
  • I have had many physicians who have completed other real estate courses and were stuck in OVERWHELM reach out to me for One on One Coaching - to help give them CLARITY and FOOL PROOF their STRATEGY


[ Disclaimer: GenerationalwealthMD is not in the business of providing personal, financial, tax, legal or investment advice. ]


"I loved the small group size and personal connection with Param. She really cares about your progress and is very good with personalizing your strategy. She holds your hand and leads you to the next step. I highly recommend her course for anyone interested in Long Term or Short Term rentals. " Sujin Lee, MD, PMR Spinal cord injury medicine


“Thank you Parameshwari Baladandapani for your guidance in the past few months. Your local contacts are super helpful.  I literally texted Param the day before my scheduled finish date because I was desperate to get things wrapped up. “ Hang Tran MD


"We had taken a real estate course and had one real estate investment prior to starting One-on-One coaching with Param. She helped us focus on our short term and long term goals.She provided advice on funding, guided us in getting our first Short Term Rental, connected us with a great real estate agent, and helped us reach our real estate goals for 2021!" Michelle and Jeffrey Shukhman, DO 

Now onto Door 7 ! They are building a strong portfolio of Short and Long Term Rentals... 


"I had no experience in real estate before starting this course. In just two months, with Param’s guidance, I purchased my first short-term rental. The one-on-one coaching has been the best part. Param answers every question and provides resources. I am now one step closer to financial freedom. I highly recommend this course." Desirea Scott, DDS Orthodontist


"After a dozen real estate books, we felt overwhelmed and convinced active rentals would be too hard for us. Within a few weeks of starting Param's course the fear was replaced with confidence, we were under contract on our first STR in a hot market. Thank you for the inspiration and clarity!"

Aaron and Sawlar, MD


"Param’s course was well organized, concise, motivating and very easy to follow. I had no previous experience with real estate investment and was quite nervous that the process would be overwhelming. I took my time before deciding on this course. With COVID in full swing I was unable to attend many of her live sessions, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I could watch the videos and discussions at my own pace. Play, pause, rewind and replay. I learned something new each time I watched these videos.

I think Param’s enthusiasm and her ability to keep things simple is what makes this course one of the best out there. Closed on my out of state Short Term Rental recently!"

Suraj Bopanna, MD 

"I was starting out on my first Short Term Rental when I joined the program for insights on out-of-state investing.  I was blown away by how the program covers every aspect of being a successful real estate investor. Param's enthusiasm is contagious " Akila Venkat

"Within months, I am putting in offers for my second rental.  The road to financial independence was fuzzy before, but the course provided me with a clear road map. I hope to pass on a diversified portfolio to my children and teach them the skills that I am learning now"  Shobana Satish MD, Pediatrician

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Wondering what we Cover during our time together? Here's a peek...


WEEK 1: FOUNDATION: Mastering the Mindset  of a successful Real Estate Investor

  • WHY real estate is the fastest way to Financial Freedom 
  • Understanding Financial Independence Numbers and Real Estate returns
  • HOW to build wealth using real estate NOW - the impact of supercharging returns
  • Overcoming Limiting beliefs and Analysis Paralysis

WEEK 2: YOUR ROADMAP: Market, Strategy and Team

  • Basics of  Market Selection - Metrics and Classification
  • Picking a Strategy that works for YOU- Active vs Passive, Long Term vs Short Term rentals, Single vs Multifamily investing 
  • Narrowing down your Criteria - Property type, Class, Property Condition and Price
  • Risk Mitigation and Diversification
  • Building a Rock Star Team
  • Looking for Hidden Value in a Property

WEEK 3: Become an EXPERT at Running numbers

  • Understanding the lingo and metrics
  • The 1% Rule- When to use it
  • Calculators and Proforma for Long Term rentals and Short Term Rentals
  • Narrowing down your Terms 
  • Learning to STRESS TEST your deals
  • Supercharging returns
  • How to make the numbers work in any market
  • Drive a hard bargain

WEEK 4:  How to scale with little to no MONEY and how to be responsibly Leveraged

  • Creative Financing
  • Recycling your money - BRRRR strategy done right
  • How much Leverage should you be using
  • Tapping into Lazy Equity efficiently

WEEK 5: TAX STRATEGIES for the real estate investor

  • Basic Tax Deductions for the Real Estate Investor including Depreciation
  • Advanced Tax Strategies to Shelter your Active Income
  • What counts and what doesn’t? And how to time it right…
  • Minimizing taxes on sale

WEEK 6: Get your BOOKS in order - ACCOUNTING

  • Optimizing returns through Good Record Keeping and Software that helps
  • Audit proof your accounting
  • How to track Basis, Improvements and Repairs to pay less in taxes
  • Questions to ask your CPA


  • How to personalize asset protection based on your needs and State laws
  • Entity Structuring optimized for scaling
  • LLCs - Pros and Cons and how to do it right
  • Picking the right real estate attorney

WEEK 8: Accelerating wealth building with SHORT TERM RENTALS and REHABS

  • Short Term Rentals (STR) -
    • Why and how to add them on?  
    • Picking the right market, Analyzing a Property
    • Acquiring, Furnishing and Listing your STR
    • Insurance, Software to help you Automate and Optimize so you aren't spending hours self managing
    • Advanced Tax Strategies to supercharge returns
  • Rehabs 
    • When and Why they make sense - how to supercharge returns and recycle your money
    •  Budget, Materials, Teams, Automation
    • Risk Mitigation

And so much more...

Ready to transform your life?