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Investing in Syndications Like a Pro - Part 2

generational wealth medical investment real estate investing real estate syndication Dec 06, 2022

If you have ever considered investing passively in Real Estate syndications but

🤔 don’t know the first thing to look for
🤔 aren’t sure if it makes sense in your portfolio
🤕just looking at the “slidedeck” gives you a headache

Join me for a 2 part LIVE series as I deep dive into Real estate syndication where I’ll tell you everything you need to know about

🤩 STRATEGY - Picking the right Real estate syndication deals for you - because One size doesn’t fit all
🤩 STANDARDS - the industry benchmarks you should be using to compare deals
🤩 RISK ANALYSIS- looking under the hood at the underwriting, assumptions and debt so you actually know how risky the deal is

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